Construction Update – Disneyland Paris Resort

Construction on the Walt Disney Studios Park expansion and more is full swing ahead and it seems that each day that passes there’s something new to take a look at. Let’s check the latest construction updates provided by the amazing folks over at DisneylandWorks! Starting in the backstage area of Discoveryland, the new Cast MemberContinue reading “Construction Update – Disneyland Paris Resort”

When will Arendelle: World of Frozen open in Disneyland Paris?

If you’re interested, make sure to check our video on the latest updates, construction and rumours about Walt Disney Studios Park! The Walt Disney Studios park in paris is undergoing a big expansion. In this article we will be focusing on the new “Frozen Land” and a possible opening timeframe. The current expansion consists ofContinue reading “When will Arendelle: World of Frozen open in Disneyland Paris?”

Disneyland Paris’ cancelled Indiana Jones “mini-land”

When EuroDisneyland opened in 1992 the company had huge hopes for the future of the resort. This can be seen here, in this Fun Map. There were already a lot of expansions and attractions mentioned in this map that weren’t built at that time, such as: Space Mountain: De la Terre a la Lune (makeContinue reading “Disneyland Paris’ cancelled Indiana Jones “mini-land””

Are MagicBands coming to Disneyland Paris?

This article is also available as video in our Youtube channel. Starting with, what exactly is Magicband? Well, let me explain. They are these wristbands that contain a RFID chip, this combined with the RFID or NFC readers, also called touchpoints, make your Disney World trip much simpler and fun. You can use MagicBands to:Continue reading “Are MagicBands coming to Disneyland Paris?”

Is Disney too slow?

With Tron finally opening in Spring 2023, 6 years after its announcement, one might ask the question “is Disney too slow when it comes to construction?” You can also watch our YouTube video regarding this topic here Disney has gained a reputation these last few years as more and more projects take well, more andContinue reading “Is Disney too slow?”

What you need to know before visiting Avengers Campus Paris

After years of waiting Avengers Campus has finally opened in the Disneyland Paris Resort and I had the pleasure to visit just a few days ago. In this article I will provide the story of the land and give you some tips on how to beat the crowds and more, so keep on reading! FirstContinue reading “What you need to know before visiting Avengers Campus Paris”

Disneyland Paris (finally) announces Disney Village makeover!

“Located in the heart of Disneyland Paris – between theme parks and Disney hotels – Disney Village is a complex that brings together shops, restaurants and entertainment venues. Celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2022, this space has more than doubled in size since its opening, continuously adding new elements to reinvent the visitor experience. WorkContinue reading “Disneyland Paris (finally) announces Disney Village makeover!”

Imagineering a new Disneyland Park – Full Project! (Building Disneyland Paris 2.0)

In this 5 page article you will find the masterplan for each land and the building fases for the entire project. Keep in mind that this is just our imagination going wild, nothing more. Index Page 1 – Index and Opening Page 2 – Frontierland MasterPlan Page 3 – Adventureland MasterPlan Page 4 – FantasylandContinue reading “Imagineering a new Disneyland Park – Full Project! (Building Disneyland Paris 2.0)”

Disneyland Paris could be preparing for a new “FastPass” system. Is Genie+ coming soon to the Resort?

In the last year Disneyland Paris debuted a new system for skipping the lines and most guests weren’t happy. Premier Access is a buy one use one system where you purchase one “pass”, on the app, and skip the normal standby line one time of the attraction you selected. Prices vary from attraction to attractionContinue reading “Disneyland Paris could be preparing for a new “FastPass” system. Is Genie+ coming soon to the Resort?”

Imagineering a new Discoveryland! – Building Disneyland Paris 2.0

This series focuses on bringing new attractions, mini lands, restaurants, shops and more to the Disneyland Park! This is episode three of the series, in first one we re-imagined Frontierland, in the second one we re-imagined Adventureland! Today, there’s Discoveryland. Oh, boy! Get your imagineering hats on! As you can already see just by lookingContinue reading “Imagineering a new Discoveryland! – Building Disneyland Paris 2.0”