Imagineering a new Disneyland Park – Full Project! (Building Disneyland Paris 2.0)

In this 5 page article you will find the masterplan for each land and the building fases for the entire project. Keep in mind that this is just our imagination going wild, nothing more.


Page 1 – Index and Opening

Page 2 – Frontierland MasterPlan

Page 3 – Adventureland MasterPlan

Page 4 – Fantasyland MasterPlan

Page 5 – Discoveryland MasterPlan

Page 6 – Building Fases and Credits


Disneyland Paris. With its intricate theming and a level of detail unparalleled in the world of Disney parks, it should be the crown jewel of the castle parks around the world. But decades of financial trouble, neglect, and a lack of expansions make it seem small, old, and inferior to the other offerings in Disney’s lineup (and that’s the good park in the Paris resort, let’s not talk about the other one for just now, I’ll have a whole separate article and plan for what needs to happen after the WDS 2.0 upgrade that’s currently underway).

This plan intends to remove attractions and constructions that were out of place or just don’t meet today’s standards anymore, fill in some holes within the park, and most importantly add the expansions that should’ve happened a long time ago. It is also supposed to be the maximum expansion that the park should aim for to not exceed Main Street’s capacity to get people in and out during opening and closing on extremely busy days. 


Main Street is also the only “land” of the park that has no alterations whatsoever because I just think it’s perfect as it is – with the single exception that the Arcades on both sides need to be used and promoted better to guests because they are splendid things that often get totally overlooked.

All the changes that will happen to the other lands and all the expansions will be detailed in the next pages.


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