What you need to know before visiting Avengers Campus Paris

After years of waiting Avengers Campus has finally opened in the Disneyland Paris Resort and I had the pleasure to visit just a few days ago. In this article I will provide the story of the land and give you some tips on how to beat the crowds and more, so keep on reading!

First of all, the story. With this new land at Walt Disney Studios Park, Disney decided to have a background story which further immerses you in the Marvel Universe. You might get to see characters that are no longer alive in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (the Marvel Studios Movies), this is because the “Theme Park Universe” was created. This means that the things happening in the movies have little effect on Avengers Campus!

So, returning to the history… Tony Stark (aka Iron Man) is looking to expand the Avengers Initiative and for that he needs new recruits! He has transformed the old Stark Motors and Stark Industries factories and warehouses (which were built and operated by his father Howard) into state of the art training and research facilities. In the brand new “Avengers Campus” there are facilities from PYM Technologies, this company focuses on the PYM Particles that are able to reduce or enlarge different objects. The suits belonging to the famous Ant Man and the Wasp operate with the help of these particles! You can experience the amazing creations made with PYM technology in the PYM Test Kitchen restaurant!

PYM Test Kitchen

WEB or Worldwide Engineering Brigade is having an Open House so that the new recruits can visit and check out the amazing new creations coming from the minds of young aspiring engineers! But wait! there has been a malfunction with this new creation… its up to the recruits to help Spider-Man and save the campus!

Tony stark has also used the old Stark Factory and transformed it into a brand new restaurant, a great place fore the recruits to breathe, eat and drink for a bit! But not for long because Iron Man and Captain Marvel need you for a emergency mission! Make sure to get to Flight Force for a very thrilling and action packed “saving the earth” situation!

Okay, so now that you know what’s going on the time for some tips has arrived! First of all, for dining:

The food in Avengers Campus is, actually, pretty good! I went to Super Diner and Stark Factory and both were pretty amazing, unfortunately I wasn’t able to get a reservation for the PYM Test Kitchen restaurant but if you can manage, make sure to give it a try because I hear it’s quite good! Super Diner serves some very tasty sandwiches and Stark Factory has some great salads and real (not frozen) pizzas which were, for me, the best pizzas in the parks!

So, what about shops/merchandise? Disney has put everything in developing cool merch for this land. There were a lot of exclusive products some of which I bought myself! My favourite has to be the old Stark Industries Blue Map that comes inside a TOP SECRET case! (and it was just 12€)

There are only two shops in the land, one being a small pop up shop in the main entrance of the land and the other being WEB Equipment. The second one is also the exit of Spider-Man WEB Adventure and it gets busy real quick. Unfortunately it’s also the one that has the biggest selection of products…

Now, the rides! The land has arrived with two attractions, Spider-Man WEB Adventure and Avengers Assemble: Flight Force. WEB Adventure is a family 3D shooting ride, think of it like the next level buzz lightyear laser blast, and in my opinion it’s a very fun ride but look out because you can get tired extremely quickly! Then there’s Flight Force which uses the old Rock n’ Roller Coaster track so it promises to be a thrilling mission! The queue, facade and story are quite amazing but the ride experience itself is lacking theming. Sure there’s a screen here and there but it’s not the best themed coaster Disney has done…

Flight Force Façade

Let’s focus on entertainment now… Avengers Campus is packed with shows and displays from our favourite heroes. I enjoyed several of these shows which were performed on top of the WEB building and ground floor. “The Amazing Spider-Man” is quite good and the Dora Milage are amazing. These were the ones I got to see but there’s so much more to explore!

So that’s about it for MY experience in Avengers Campus. Time for some tips!

Avengers Campus gets quite packed during the day with wait times for WEB reaching 100 minutes several times a day and for Flight Force going as far as 45 min. If you are a normal person and don’t quite enjoy getting stuck at a line for dozens of minutes you should follow these tips:

  • Use Single Rider lanes!

If you’re alone or don’t really need to go together with your party make sure to use the singles rider lanes available at both rides!

  • Go right when the Parks Open

“Rope Dropping” isn’t new to the parks but most of the guests don’t do this, which gives you the opportunity to get in that line as quickly as possible!

  • Stay until the park closes

Unlike rope dropping, this isn’t done by a lot of guests. If you’re okay with skipping Disney Illuminations (which is on the other park, by the way) make sure to stay until 10:30! The park closes at 9:00 but there’s still one hour and a half left to enjoy Avengers Campus with much smaller queue times! I got to ride WEB Adventure with a wait of just 25 minutes (it marked 35 though) so don’t let this opportunity pass!

Avengers Campus in the night

So that is all for today’s article! I hope you enjoyed it and as always, That’s a Wrap!

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