Disneyland Paris could be preparing for a new “FastPass” system. Is Genie+ coming soon to the Resort?

In the last year Disneyland Paris debuted a new system for skipping the lines and most guests weren’t happy. Premier Access is a buy one use one system where you purchase one “pass”, on the app, and skip the normal standby line one time of the attraction you selected.

Prices vary from attraction to attraction and from day to day but the regular prices are either: 16€ for top attractions (such as BTM or Space Mountain) ; 14€ for attractions such as Ratatouille or Peter Pan ; and then from 7€ to 11€ on other attractions.


While the European resort debuted this new system both American resorts were introducing Genie+. Here you purchase the Genie+ for a whole day for 15$ and can use it to book several Genie Lightning Lanes (skip the lines) for the top 2 attractions you can purchase an individual Lightning Lane for an additional price.

Both systems have their advantages but it’s impossible to deny that Genie+ is a better deal.

Now let’s focus on the purpose of the article, is Disneyland Paris working on a new system? Not officially BUT new changes have intrigued several people. Disney has been adding Premier Pass on rides that never had FastPass such as Orbitron and now Crush’s Coaster will probably be next!

The roller coaster is known for its huge wait times and it’s now under refurbishment with the main part of the works being on the queue.


This is not the first time a Disney resort expands its “fastpass” offerings though. When the old FastPass Plus system was introduced in Walt Disney World they had to create a lot of new slots so that each person visiting the parks could skip the lines at least one time.

What do you think about this? Would you prefer a Genie+ style system or do you like Premier Access? Let us know!

As always, That’s a Wrap!


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