Disneyland Paris (finally) announces Disney Village makeover!

‚ÄúLocated in the heart of Disneyland Paris – between theme parks and Disney hotels – Disney Village is a complex that brings together shops, restaurants and entertainment venues. Celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2022, this space has more than doubled in size since its opening, continuously adding new elements to reinvent the visitor experience. WorkContinue reading “Disneyland Paris (finally) announces Disney Village makeover!”

Everything we know about the new Disney Village!

Disney Village has been ageing for a few years now, and just like with the Disneyland Resort, with Downtown Disney, it needs a major renovation with new offerings and a new aesthetic. Earlier this year, OutsidEars unveiled a gigantic renovation plan with concept drawings and lots of information. In this article, learn what Disney hasContinue reading “Everything we know about the new Disney Village!”