Imagineering a new Disneyland Park – Full Project! (Building Disneyland Paris 2.0)

In this 5 page article you will find the masterplan for each land and the building fases for the entire project. Keep in mind that this is just our imagination going wild, nothing more. Index Page 1 – Index and Opening Page 2 – Frontierland MasterPlan Page 3 – Adventureland MasterPlan Page 4 – FantasylandContinue reading “Imagineering a new Disneyland Park – Full Project! (Building Disneyland Paris 2.0)”

You can now “Secure your seat” on the Frontierland Theatre at Disneyland Paris!

Secure your seat or guaranteed access is now available to purchase (13£, 15€, 17$) on the official app for performances of “Rhythms of the Pride Lands” between October 23, 2021 and January 9, 2022. Exclusive Mastercard seating is still available, but only in a limited number of 20 seats per show. Will you be purchasingContinue reading “You can now “Secure your seat” on the Frontierland Theatre at Disneyland Paris!”

Visit Disneyland Paris at home!

There’s a place full of magic and blocks. Wait, what, blocks? Yes! MineDisney is a Minecraft server that contains an entire Disneyland Paris recreation. You’ll have the chance to ride your favorite attractions (no queue!), watch a parade, buy food and pins, see Illuminations, and meet your favorite characters! This server is now celebrating itsContinue reading “Visit Disneyland Paris at home!”

New music album by Disneyland Paris!

Disneyland Paris finally made a digital music album with some of the best musics from the parks! With this album you can listen to some of your favourite tunes and feel like you are in the parks yourself. Links: Apple Music Spotify Deezer Will you be listening to your favourites from the parks?