Construction Update – Disneyland Paris Resort

Construction on the Walt Disney Studios Park expansion and more is full swing ahead and it seems that each day that passes there’s something new to take a look at. Let’s check the latest construction updates provided by the amazing folks over at DisneylandWorks!

Starting in the backstage area of Discoveryland, the new Cast Member building is starting to rise, as well as a new multi-storey parking for the cast.

Now, let’s move on to Walt Disney Studios, where Frozen and the Lake are moving quite nicely, in just a few months a lot has changed, especially in terms of size in the Frozen part! In the Promenade side, you can see the “hole” where the Tangled attraction will be located, the huge base for the table service restaurant and it’s nice to see the works starting in the left side of the street as well!


When we were visiting a couple of weeks ago, this video was made showcasing how different the landscape has become with just some months in between! The first image was taken in October and the second in March, incredible to see!

It looks like Disney is already testing the façades for the Frozen area, especially the ones for the mountains that will make the land feel so immersive. This is great news, as we want the rock work and snow to stay pristine for as long as possible!

And to finish, a ground view of the expansion from an unusual angle, which allows us to better see the works on the left side of the promenade that will include a service building/ snack location, the English gardens, a new entrance to Avengers Campus and a rumoured flat ride.

The Disneyland Paris resort is changing, specially Walt Disney Studios. Make sure to follow us on twitter and subscribe to our YouTube channel to be the first to learn about new information! That’s a Wrap!


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