Keeping up with Avengers Campus and other construction projects at Disneyland Paris!

As you know, there are a lot of projects going on at Disneyland Paris right now. Let us start with the biggest one, which is the expansion of Walt Disney Studios Park. Avengers Campus Yesterday we saw that trees have been being installed, today some of the trees have already been planted. Here you canContinue reading “Keeping up with Avengers Campus and other construction projects at Disneyland Paris!”

Disneyland Paris increases Annual Pass prices!

The prices for the annual pass have been raised. Here you can see the new and old prices to compare. Discovery : 209€ (+€30) Magic Flex: 299€ (+€40) Magic Plus: 329€ (+€30) Infinity: 479€ (+€30) What is your opinion on this?

Everything we know about the new Disney Village!

Disney Village has been ageing for a few years now, and just like with the Disneyland Resort, with Downtown Disney, it needs a major renovation with new offerings and a new aesthetic. Earlier this year, OutsidEars unveiled a gigantic renovation plan with concept drawings and lots of information. In this article, learn what Disney hasContinue reading “Everything we know about the new Disney Village!”

*EXCLUSIVE* Quinjet has arrived at Disneyland Paris for Avengers Campus!

*In this article you’ll find nothing but rumours* The latest expansion of the Disneyland Paris Resort is moving forward quickly. There’s no word yet on when it will open, but it’s believed to be in the summer of 2022. You can learn “literally everything about Avengers Campus” by clicking here. We have received word thatContinue reading “*EXCLUSIVE* Quinjet has arrived at Disneyland Paris for Avengers Campus!”

Literally EVERYTHING we know about Avengers Campus! (Constructions, attractions, restaurants and more)

As suggested by a follower, today we will explore everything that’s known (and some rumors) about the latest Disneyland Paris Resort expansion. We will cover the current status of construction, attractions, restaurants, entertainment, rumors, and the opening date. Disneyland will never be completed. It will continue to grow as long as there is imagination leftContinue reading “Literally EVERYTHING we know about Avengers Campus! (Constructions, attractions, restaurants and more)”

New details for the Halloween party have been released!

On the night of 31st October 2021, the mischievous Disney Villains invite you to join in with their antics and unleash your inner villain! Enjoy attractions open until 2am, bewitching Selfie Spots, surprising appearances of haunted floats, exclusive shows, moonlight dance parties and much more! For adults, families and ghouls of all ages. An eye-poppingContinue reading “New details for the Halloween party have been released!”

*Semi-Exclusive* Avengers Campus won’t be ready for the 30th anniversary!

This week (9/18/2021), the Disneyland Paris Board of Directors met to discuss various aspects of the parks, including entertainment (parades and shows), festivities (Halloween and Christmas), and most importantly, the 30th anniversary of Disneyland Paris. Unfortunately, we have some not so great rumours today. One of our partners, is getting information from a lot ofContinue reading “*Semi-Exclusive* Avengers Campus won’t be ready for the 30th anniversary!”

Projections on Main Street facades officially confirmed!

A while back, we reported that the new night show at Disneyland Paris being developed for its 30th anniversary will have projections on the facades of Main Street. With the announcement of the Halloween and Christmas seasons, Disney has confirmed that there will be projections on the facades for the new Christmas parade. The EnglishContinue reading “Projections on Main Street facades officially confirmed!”

New social distancing measures start showing changes at Disneyland Paris!

Today, the resort announced new measures to combat the Covid 19 virus. Some of the old measures have been lifted and changes are beginning to emerge. The social distancing stickers are now being removed by cast members all around the resort. No more barriers that used to be formed by the snakes at the entranceContinue reading “New social distancing measures start showing changes at Disneyland Paris!”

New parade, Illuminations is back and more!

Disneyland Paris has announced the dates for a lot of stuff! ✨From Oct 20: all Resort’s buffet will be back in their original form! ✨From 23 Oct to 7 Nov : New Halloween floats will be out! ✨From Nov. 13 to Jan 09: brand new Christmas Parade! ✨From 21 Dec: Disney Illuminations! ✨From 10 JanContinue reading “New parade, Illuminations is back and more!”