Latest Avengers Campus construction updates! Photos and more!

Yesterday Josh D’Amaro announced that Avengers Campus in Paris will open on Summer 2022, during the 30th anniversary celebration. Today we have new photos showing the progress made in this new land.


In these photos we can see that the team is hard at work in the outside. New trees have been planted to give a more natural feel to the land and hide some buildings from inside of the Campus. The top section of the Spider-Man Web Slingers building is covered as imagineers and construction workers finish the theming.

Let’s take a flight and see the Campus from the sky…


The stunt show location is yet to be demolished but fans are speculating that this space could be used for an avengers show as disney is pushing the destruction of the space. This is just rumors and nothing is far from being confirmed.

Last of all, during the presentation Josh D’Amaro gave us a photo from inside the construction walls, you can check it out down below!

Are you excited for the opening of this new land? Let us know!

Credit to our partner: DisneylandWorks and Skyam.

As always, That’s a Wrap!


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