Everything we know about the new Disney Village!

Disney Village has been ageing for a few years now, and just like with the Disneyland Resort, with Downtown Disney, it needs a major renovation with new offerings and a new aesthetic. Earlier this year, OutsidEars unveiled a gigantic renovation plan with concept drawings and lots of information. In this article, learn what Disney has planned for the future of Disney Village, from new facades to a Hard Rock Cafe?!…


North Section

North section – Annette’s in the left and Café Mickey in the right

The entire Disney Village could be radically redesigned. The northern block, designed by Frank Ghery, could indeed be transformed with discontinuous facades that would break the monotony and finally erase the look of the old Disney Festival of the 1990s. Annette’s Dinner would remain as we know it today, although a rebranding with Cars could be considered.

The large covered patio currently occupied by the Sports Bar would be further enclosed with large “windows” in the upper two-thirds of the building. In winter, these windows would prevent heat from escaping, while in summer they could be opened to enjoy the outdoor space. This covered area would be reconfigured to provide space for a food court and various booths and tables where people could enjoy a meal or snacks.

The old Sport’s Bar location

Café Mickey, located at the end of the north block, would also be completely remodeled and could be the return of an old friend that used to be in Discoveryland, Pizza Planet!

The now dyed concrete floors would be replaced with a star pattern, a mix of dyed concrete and pavers. Many new green spaces and planters would be added.

Plan that shows the new green spaces (lots of trees) and the new painted floors.

South Section

South Section – Hard Rock Cafe in the right and Gaumont Cinema in the left

On the south side, the Gaumont Disney Village facade would be completely renovated. The giant Planet Hollywood sphere would be torn down to make way for a new sign in a building with more conventional architecture. King Ludwig’s Castle next door would also be clad in warmer materials, in keeping with the new village guidelines, highlighting wood and greenery. The Billy Bobs could get a large addition, with a wood frame and large expanses of glass.

After a backfilling (space for future projects) to allow Disney Village to connect to the Paul Séramy roundabout in a second phase, a new building would house a brewery/restaurant on the ground floor and McDonalds upstairs.

View from the bridge into the newly renovated lake area.

The lakefront terrace that now houses the Jungle Quad Racetrack would be converted into a dining area for restaurants on the other side of the track. A Hard Rock Café could be located on this terrace, making this part of the Village, which is currently barely used, the center of the new Disney Village!


Location Viewer Map

So this is how the Disney Village could look like in the future. What is your favorite part of the “New Village”? Let us know in the comments!

Full credit to OutsidEars for the information and Images.

That’s a Wrap!


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