Imagineering a third park for Disneyland Paris (and the changes to the resort to accommodate it)!

Yesterday, we published an article titled “Everything We Know About Disneyland Paris’ Third Park.” In it, you’ll find facts about the future third park and why it needs to be built. Today, we put on our Imagineer construction hats and imagine what the resort could look like in the mid-2030s with a new park, and more…

Map for updated Resort (explained along the way)

The Park

Let us start with the most important part, the park itself. As you know (if you read the last article), the theme of the park is still a mystery, but with a little imagination we can dream as big as we want, so let us start dreaming!

EuroCot (?) – Travel the world and be guided by Disney characters in their home countries. Embark on a culinary journey as you walk through the stunning One World Lagoon. – There were plans to build an Epcot-style theme park in California called WestCot, but it never came to fruition. This first idea connects both the old Epcot and the new one (the one with Disney IP everywhere). Each country is a different experience with food from that country.


Animal Kingdom Paris – Animal Kingdom Paris Presents: Asia, land of the mythical Yeti and the wettest ride of all, Kali River Rapids. Africa, with the unique Kilimanjaro Safaris, where you can experience nature with our fellow creatures. Pandora, the otherworldly beautiful land, fly with Flight of Passage or travel through the dark, beautiful forest with Na’vi River Journey. This park is very similar to, though smaller than, the park at Walt Disney World.

Concept Art for Pandora (WDW)

Fantasy Springs – A journey through various classic Disney universes. Corona (Tangled): boat ride – relive some moments from the movie ending in a huge room as lanterns rise into the sky, there is also a restaurant based on Rapunzel’s room. Neverland, the park’s most impressive land, with two attractions, one thrilling motion-based and one rather scary boat ride. Fantasy Springs, the park’s landmark, a beautiful rock wall with embedded faces of the characters (like a tree of life) that lights up at night and magically transforms.


New Hotel(s)

In red is the location of the hotel. The theme of the hotel would vary depending on the theme of the park, but it should be in the same category as the Disneyland Hotel, so 5 starts and great restaurants. There could also be a new mid-priced hotel built to accommodate even more guests. This could be located in the purple zone. The Lake Buena Vista path would be extended to connect it to the other hotels.

Map with new Hotels


Skyliner – As I said, when we dream, we should dream big. My choice for a new mode of transportation is a brand new bus! No, I am just kidding. The Skyliner is my choice because it is more affordable than a monorail, requires less maintenance, and carries more people. There will be 3 stations: one at the back of the Newport Bay Club (very close to the park entrance), one in the parking lot and train station, and the main station downtown.


Ferry Boats – This method of transportation could also coexist with the Skyliner. It would take you from just behind Panoramagic to the entrance of the new 5-star hotel, the mid-range hotel, and the entrance of the new park. The route (blue) would follow an already existing water path. This is used in the Magic Kingdom just like buses and the monorail.

Google Earth Image

The End!

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That’s a Wrap!


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