The water park that was designed and planned at Disneyland Paris but never built!

It’s a hot summer day at Disneyland Paris and the only ride that can splash water on you is Pirates of the Caribbean. You wish there was an attraction or activity where you could get wet (Splash Mountain article in the future?)… It was not meant to be, the resort had a water park in mind. The design was so good that Universal used the concept for Volcano Bay in Orlando a few decades later!

Universal’s Volcano Bay

EuroDisney Resort

Like many other Imagineering projects, the Lava Lagoon Water Park was shelved due to the initial failure of the EuroDisney Resort. But what was that project?


The park would be located directly behind Sequoia Lodge and Newport Bay Club and would connect to Lake Buena Vista, as you can see in the picture below:

Location and connection to lake
Location as seen from the skies

The park

A large part of the park would have been within a huge dome, so that the park could have been used in all seasons. The outer part would have been open only in summer.

Model of the Park

Layout and map

Overhead map


The Big Kahuna volcano would have had several waterslides (chief among them Pele’s Plummet) and pathways crisscrossing its slopes. Sitting next to it would have been a giant wave pool called the Great Pacific, and a tunnel would have carved its way through the mountainous structure, allowing guests to easily move from one side to the other.


The water slides here inside the giant dome were slated to include The Steamer, Lava Loop, The Spouting Horn, and The Plunge, with Aloha Falls and Kahuku Falls comprising the raft rides. The final attraction would have been a giant lazy river, which would’ve looped all throughout the dome.

Outside, in the seasonal section, three additional slides (located to the side of the giant and beautiful beach) would have comprised the rest of the lineup: Toa Needle, Waimea Canyon, and Waihia Falls, the last of which is yet another raft ride.


Would you like for Disneyland Paris to have a water park? What do you think about this concept? Let us know in the comments!

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That’s a wrap!


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