Everything we know about Disneyland Paris’s third park (or “gate”)

Hey there! After you read this article make sure to read this one! HERE we imagineer the concept for park, new transportation and more! Happy reading!

Since 1992, Disneyland Paris has been opened in the heart of Europe. In 2002, the second park (Walt Disney Studios) opened its doors. Since then, some much needed improvements have been made to this park and right now a gigantic expansion is taking place.

Newport Bay Club

But what you may not know is that Disney was forced to build Studios Park by a contract with the French government. Just like they were forced to open the park in 2002, they have to build a third gate in a certain time window. That window was extended after Disney announced plans to expand WDS. Currently, they have until 2036 to open a new park if attendance reaches the levels agreed upon by both parties.


If you look at the land that Disneyland Paris owns, there is a lot of room for future expansion…


The park will be right behind Sequoia Lodge and already has a berm that is being built which is around 5 meters high and 800 meters of perimeter.

Berm planning

The documents for the Walt Disney Studios expansion have confirmed the already anticipated location for this 3rd park. You can see where it will be located here.


The park will most likely also add a new transportation method to the resort, which isn’t confirmed at the moment.

This weekend we will publish a post with concepts, ideas, and more for this park. (New transportation, the theme of the park, and more!) Follow us so you do not miss it!

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