The History of Paris’ Space Mountain: De la Terre a la Lune

Part VII: Ending 

At the end of the day, Space Mountain has thrilled millions of guests. From the time it was being planned, it was under a lot of pressure to be “the ride that saves EuroDisney,” and even under that pressure, the amazing team of Imagineers managed to pull off one of the most important twists in the resort’s history, ensuring that it would live on. Sure, there have been ups and downs and many guests insist on the return of the original after the “temporary overlay” being not-so-temporary after all… To them I quote Jules Verne, as he once said, “How many things have been denied one day only to become realities the next!”, so don’t loose hope just yet, as the moon might be closer than we think…


Moon rising in front of “Hyper”Space Mountain

-Credits and more-

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Space Mountain Website:

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