The History of Paris’ Space Mountain: De la Terre a la Lune

Part VI: A New Mission

For its tenth birthday, the story was completely redesigned. Now guests embark on a new journey to the frontiers of the universe. The Columbiad cannon invented by Jules Verne has been recalibrated, and the vehicles are now catapulted from the lower part of the barrel. Using the tremendous energy of the launch and acceleration, after a brief moment of weightlessness, the travelers enter directly into space with a mission to explore the ends of space and unlock the secrets that lie within the boundaries of the universe. On the way they cross the path of asteroids, comets and a magnificent supernova.

This new version of the ride opened to the public on April 9, 2005. While the ride itself received nothing new but new projection effects, music, and lights, it delighted guests. One visitor said at the opening, “The effects are superb, the impression of striking speed and the music helps to accentuate the impression of adventure”.

Mission Two: Supernova

Part VII: A Galactic Renovation

Over time, and due to a lack of investment in the European resort, the parks and rides began to look less than their best. Disneyland Paris gradually lost its charm, it was sold off to investors and Disney lost a large part of Euro Disney S.C.A., the company that owned the resort…

A very “beat up” Space Mountain

But in a turn of events the company was restructured, with the Walt Disney Company injecting 420 million euros. This was the beginning of Bob Iger’s (CEO) plan to buy back the resort. During this time, a phased project began to renovate most of the attractions that were in dire need of overhaul. One of them was Space Mountain, where the first phase of the project began in 2015, bringing some changes such as a single rider line. A year and a half passes and in June 2017 Iger makes it official: the Walt Disney Company is now the sole owner of Disneyland Paris, after buying the entirety of EuroDisney S.C.A back from investors.

HyperSpace Mountain Trailer

With this announcement came new investments that really brought the magic back to the parks, and Space Mountain, like many others, was to receive a major renovation. Phase two of the project included more thorough work, improving more technical aspects. The beloved Space themed roller coaster would receive a new storyline and theme, this time from the Star Wars universe. The coaster would also receive new ride vehicles, as the older ones were getting rougher with time. However, these weren’t Star Wars themed, but had several images and logos reminiscent of the original “De la Terre a la Lune” attraction, confirming that Star Wars was just a temporary overlay, just like in the other parks, or so we thought…

HyperSpace Mountain Banner

In this new version, guests are immersed in a brand new atmosphere that feels like a real Star Wars battle. Epic Star Wars music plays in the background of this new galactic adventure! This was a very much needed renovation that brought smoothness and overall, a better ride experience.

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