The History of Paris’ Space Mountain: De la Terre a la Lune

Part IV: Ride Experience

For the ride experience I recommend watching the video from 10:32 minutes.

Excited guests pass by the entrance of Space Mountain and begin their journey by waiting in line along the “StellarWay” feeling as if they’re in a field of floating asteroids. Sometimes a meteor shower begins, and they see meteors shoot by and hear the thump on the roof as they fall on them. Every now and then a bang is heard, and a rocket train flies through space. Then the guests enter a grand room decorated with rich wood and lit by celestial chandeliers. After passing through this room, they enter a beautiful replica of a Victorian exhibition hall with French flags moving in the wind. Here, the Baltimore Gun Club invites guests to participate in a re-enactment of their historic shot to the moon, and finally, the now even more anxious guests, climb into their vehicles and hold on tight as they head into the Columbiad’s barrel.

The train now stops at the base of the giant cannon, which opens and closes certain parts to make sure everything is ready for the blast. After some nervous waiting, the cannon explodes and the smoke and, more importantly, the guests are shot to the top of the mountain in a heart-pounding 2.2 seconds! Once at the top, they experience a brief moment of weightlessness before descending into the mountain for the high-speed ride of a lifetime. The vehicle flies past a series of breathtaking encounters, hits a large meteor that sends (real) sparks through space, and then drives into the heart of a molten asteroid.

Real spark machine in action

In the path of the train lies a large machine. This whimsical brass apparatus appears to be a meteorite mining machine belonging to the “Blue Moon Mining Company”. Unfortunately, the rocket train is mistaken for a meteor, and with much blasting, it’s sucked into the machine. The rocket train narrowly escapes and continues to race under and around celestial bodies on its spectacular journey! The train eventually finds the moon smiling down on the guests, who head back in the most thrilling and tumultuous way after this close encounter. After passing more meteors and dark space, the amazing “Electro-de-Velocitor” catches the rocket train and stops it while triumphant music plays and guests return safely to Earth!

The Electro-de-Velocitor (concept art)

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