Guests are canceling their Galactic StarCruiser voyages! New hotel/ experience fail?

StarCruiser 3D model

Star Wars: Galactic StarCruiser is a new experience coming to Walt Disney World in march 2022. Since its announcement Disney and Star Wars fans alike have been wondering how it will be like to live in the Star Wars universe for some days.

The new hotel will “send guests to space” while immersing them into an amazing storyline where you can either join the bad or good guys. The experience will change with your choices, making it a one of a kind experience for everyone. Unfortunately the price tag might be too high for some people…

StarCruiser prices

Disney only started to show the actual inside of the hotel in the beginning of this month and guests are not as excited as they used to be. The marketing team has actually deleted the videos showing some parts of the experience which is definitely not a good sign. Not only that but new spots have mysteriously appeared for the first three months, that were “fully booked” (as Bob Chapek said).

Reservations on December 7th
Reservations on December 15th

As you can see, a lot of new places to “board” the spaceship have appeared in just a week (and a day).

What do you think is happening here?


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