(Imagineering) Adding a Little Mermaid attraction in Fantasyland!

You might know that a Little Mermaid attraction was planned to be added in the future when the park opened in 1992. This never happened due to the resort not meeting the estimated guests.

Today we put on our imagineer hats and imagine what an attraction would look like if it was designed today!



The location is very important and several factors need to be accounted for such as: service roads, staff buildings, railroad and more.

The attraction would’ve been located in the fantasyland entrance (from the hub) to the right.

Using Google Earth we can see that there’s some space that we can work with, while not enough I’m sure we can make something happen…



The picture below shows the layout of the building. In the middle there’s a underground/ enclosed train section. The show building is in red, queue and entrance in yellow, a new service road that’s used for the parades and supply of the Videopolis restaurant and a new parade entrance (number 1).


The attraction itself would be very similar to the one we can find in the Magic Kingdom or Disneyland. The outside theming/ entrance would take heavy inspiration on those rides as well, you can see below some pictures of the ride in Walt Disney World!


Below you can find pictures of some of the scenes from the ride.

Would you like to see this idea come true?

As always, That’s a Wrap!


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