Fans and Ex-Imagineers make petition to fire Disney CEO Bob Chapek and it became viral!

It’s no secret that disney fans are not happy with the current direction of the Walt Disney Company, especially when it comes to the theme parks.

The Disney Parks in the last year have seen an increase on ticket prices, new paid systems for things that used to be free (Genie+ and Premier Access, for example) and overall getting more and more expensive.

New paid system

Not only that, but nearly every Disney Imagineer is being asked to leave their home in California and move to the soon-to-be-built Disney Imagineer headquarters in Orlando, Florida.

Fans and ex-Imagineers have reached a boiling point and just like the “SaveDisney” campaign from the early 2000s started by Walt’s grandson Roy, people have created an online petition for the resignation of current Disney CEO Bob Chapek.

SaveDisney campaign

The petition was created over a year ago but it wasn’t known. Now it has gained over ten thousand votes in the last four hours and you can check it by clicking here.

What do you think of the current situation of the parks?

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