(History) The original, and sad, Walt Disney Studios Park.

The EuroDisney Resort opened its gates in 1992 and as you may know, the first few years of operation were really tough for Disney as they were losing millions of dollars with the low attendance.

Original plans for a second theme park called Disney-MGM Studios Paris were to open in 1995. However, these plans were canceled in mid-1992 due to the resort’s financial crisis at the time. After the resort began making profits, and with the agreement between the Walt Disney Company and the French government forcing Disney to build a second theme park, these plans were resumed on a much smaller scale. The park was announced on September 29, 1999. Construction officially began a year later in 2000.


The lack of funds and original ideas made the Walt Disney Studios Park what it was in the opening day…

Opening day map



Studio Tram Tour, Rock n’ Roller Coaster and Flying Carpets of Agrabah

Shows/ entertainment:

Moteurs… Action! Stunt Show Spectacular, CinéMagique, Animagique, Armageddon: Special Effects and Art of Disney Animation.

As you can tell, this is a very poor slate of attractions…

Concept Art

Since its opening, the park has seen some small additions and some not-so-small additions: Toon Studio, Tower of Terror, Toy Story Playland and Ratatouille.

Concept Art for Toon Studio

The park opened and remains the smallest Disney park in the world, but the future looks brighter than ever with the amazing and grandiose expansions currently being built such as Avengers Campus and Frozenland.

Did you visit the park in its opening year? Let us know in the comments!

Credit to dlprtoday.com and wdsfans.com

That’s a Wrap!


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