(Ideas) Is Genie+ better than Premier Access? Could it be implemented at Disneyland Paris?

Disney World has introduced the brand new Genie+ system. This allows you to book Lightening Lanes (Fastpasses) that allow you to skip the normal standby queue. It also costs $15 per guest per day, with some attractions requiring another paid ticket. Today we will compare Premier Access to Genie+ to find out which is better and if Genie+ could be introduced at Disneyland Paris.


Genie+ vs Premir Access

Genie costs $15 per guest and you can book an LL when the last one is used. Premier Access is pay to ride. There are two categories, 5€ and 12€. (Learn more about pricing here) So if you ride more than one attraction, you’ll pay more than you would for a full day of Genie+. One advantage of PA over Genie+ is that the number of tickets per hour is limited, so you will most likely have to wait less time with PA than with LL.

Now, with this knowing we can safely assume that Genie+ is a much better system than Premier Access.


Implementing Genie+ in Paris

Would it be possible to have Genie+ in Disneyland Paris? Yes, but some changes would need to happen.

At Walt Disney World, there are two attractions per park that require an additional charge of $7 to $15. These are the newer and most popular rides at each park. At Disneyland Paris, these are most likely Big Thunder Mountain and Space Mountain at Disneyland Park. Tower of Terror and Crush’s Coaster (or Iron Man Coaster when it opens) at Walt Disney Studios Park.


The system would work very much like the Premier Pass. You book a Lightening Lane in the app, which is instantly linked to your ticket. Then when the time comes, you scan your ticket, AP or the app’s code QR at the themed machines already in place.

Would you prefer Genie+ instead of Premier Access?

Images by Disney

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