(Imagineering) Adding a Splash Mountain at Disneyland Paris!

Frontierland has not had a new ride since the resort opened in 1992. For that reason, today we imagine what that attraction might look like at Paris Frontierland. Splash Mountain was supposed to be built at the resort, but was never realised due to lack of funds.



The new Splash Mountain would have a similar design to its counterparts at other Disney resorts. It would have a smaller track and fewer animatronics to keep the budget within Disneyland Paris standards.

The queue and entrance would be very similar to the one at Walt Disney World, because just like there, this entrance would have to be outside the railroad tracks.


As seen in the photos, the ride would be located in the back of Frontierland. This would attract more guests to this normally rather deserted area. Just like in WDW, the train would pass under the attraction, with the station being relocated or integrated.

Real leaked concept art for the attraction

Changes to the paths, railroad tracks, and backstage areas would be necessary. The end result should look something like this, again reminiscent of Disney World’s Splash Mountain.

Paths and more

Problems and solutions

The main problem that may come to your mind is the weather. Winters in Paris are very cold, so would the attraction be closed in winter? No, just like in Tokyo, the attraction would not be able to get you wet. In the summer, the ride in Tokyo sprays just as much water as its American counterparts, but in the winter, the water is controlled. So you get the thrills without the chills.


Thank you for reading today’s article. Credit to CafeFantasia and Disney Central Plaza for the photos.

As always, That’s a Wrap!


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