Disneyland Paris Weekly Summary (Sep. 27 – Oct. 3)

In this article we will be exploring the most important news that came out this week.


Disneyland Paris is fully dressed up for the first season after its closure. Halloween has brought many decorations, foods, merchandise, entertainment and most importantly our beloved dragon! If you like Halloween this is the place to be!

Construction Updates

“Disneyland will never be complete” this is one of Walt Disney’s most recognizable quotes. Disneyland Paris is taking this frase too seriously because there’s always something in construction in these last years.


Starting on with Orbitron. This attraction closed some time ago to be fully reconstructed. We can now see that its in the final stages of the project.

Le chateau (the castle)

Now lets walk a little bit to see how the castle is progressing! As we can see more and more gets uncovered each day. This could mean that by Christmas the castle will be 100% new and shiny!

Avengers Campus

Now switching parks we find ourselves in Walt Disney Studios. This park has been with limited capacity for a long time now. But soon this will change! We have a full article about Avengers Campus here. Work is progressing rather well, all this hard work may mean that it will be ready for the 30th anniversary! We also have an article about when this land will open here.

New scanning areas

No one likes the process of being scanned before entering the parks. The tents are ugly and ruin the mood. This will change! Disneyland Paris is building new scanning tents that do not only look good but are not temporary!

Fuente del oro restaurant

Yep you read that right. Fuente del Oro has returned to its better self. This location is no longer a bar! It also has some new food while keeping the fan favorites from the time it was a bar! Who wants some frozen margaritas?

Well everyone, this is it for this week! Make sure to follow us on Social Media and check out all of the pages that let us use their content!

Photos by: dlpreport; disneylandworks; caveofwonders; dreamdlp


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