Keeping up with Paris’ version of Avengers Campus.

The long awaited Avengers Campus, that’s currently being built in Walt Disney Studios, has been in the making since 2018. Today we will be exploring some rumours about how far into the project is the team.

Concept art for Avengers Campus at WDS

Mission Control

Starting in the old garage of the now defunct Moteurs Action Stuntshow we will have Mission Control. This location, which is almost complete, will give you the ability to welcome the most well-known heroes. As stated this part of Avengers Campus is almost complete with the last missing part being the Quinjet.

Concept Art showing both the Iron Man Coaster and Mission Control

Iron Man Coaster

The exclusive Iron Man Coaster, which is a complete re-theme of the old Rock n’ Roller Coaster is moving in a great pace! The technical elements such as giant LED screens have been installed inside the Gravity Showbuilding. The ride is now in testing, all that’s left to do is finishing the amazing new queue that will have a never before seen Iron Man animatronic.

Moving on to Spider-Man WEB Slingers!

This is perhaps the most exiting part of the article. The brand new Spider-Man Attraction (a clone of the one in Disney’s California Adventure) is the part with the most work still on the way. This is because it lies where the old Armageddon attraction was. After tearing the old show building and building a new one the new facade is looking amazing so far. The inside is where things look like they will take a while. It has been reported that this is the part of Avengers Campus that still needs the most work. Ride system and theming are being installed but it’s not in the final stages.

The information has been kindly provided by @DLPGuestEN on Twitter.

The construction photos were posted by @disneylandworks on Twitter.

Some of the concept art was release by @GangSequoia on Twitter.

Concept art was made by Disney.


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