When will Avengers Campus open at Disneyland Paris?

This post is not up to date, make sure to check this one! Disney announces opening date for Avengers Campus!

Every Disney fan in Europe is waiting for news regarding the opening date of the new land in Walt Disney Studios park. After analyzing rumors and the latest news we came up with the most possible scenario.

If you haven’t make sure to check these two articles because they talk about the current state of development. “Keeping up with Paris’ version of Avengers Campus” and “Spider-Man vehicles have arrived at Disneyland Paris!

As we already know, the attraction that still needs more time is Spider-Man WEB Slingers. Because of this I believe that the land suffer a phased opening. This means that while the land is open some parts are still being finished and therefore closed. This was the case for Galaxy’s Edge (both Disneyland and Hollywood Studios)

Concept art for Iron Man Coaster

Opening Date

At this time we can safely assume that the much needed expansion will open in time for the beginning of the 30th anniversary. The celebration will begin in March 2022. We believe it will open for everyone this month.

Phased Opening

A week or two before the celebration begins there will be soft-openings for Avenger Campus. It will start for Cast Members, Press and then Annual Pass-holders. When the land opens for everyone some things may not be ready just yet…

Spider-Man WEB Slingers vehicles

Spider-Man WEB Slingers attraction

Now comes the not so great part, it’s believed that the Spider-Man ride won’t be ready for day one. Just like Rise of the Resistance in WDW and Disneyland this attraction will only open some time after the actual land does. This can be a month or two, right now it’s impossible to tell.

According to one of my partners Avengers Campus is already 80% complete!

What are you most exited for coming in 2022 to Disneyland Paris?

Information by @chillowfy and @dlpguesten


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