(Photos) Progress in Avengers Campus – Pym Restaurant and… Doctor Strange?!

Earlier today Twitter user DLPicsou reported a lot of movement inside Avengers Campus. A lot of the outside work as resumed. Lately most of the work that has been made was inside of the buildings.


In Pym Test Kitchen, one of the restaurants that will open with the land, the entrance to the restaurant has progressed quite a lot since the last time we saw it. It’s getting closer to the finished entrance we can see in the concept art.

DLP current state of PTK
Concept art
Workers on top of PTK and something ‘Strange’…

Then we have the Spider-Man Web Slingers attraction which hasn’t changed a lot…


And now, at last. Something Strange has been spotted… it’s not 100% known what it is but we believe that a Doctor Strange Meet n’ Greet location is being built in the right side of the Avengers Campus entrance. It hasn’t been seen in any concept art but here is the photo!

Supposed Meet n’ Greet location

We don’t have confirmation that this is in fact what we believe but here you have it!


Are you exited for Avengers Campus? Let us know in the comments!

Photos by DLPicsou at Twitter.


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