Where do the fireworks get launched from at Disneyland Paris? (Disney Illuminations)

It’s been a great yet exhausting day in the parks, but now it’s that time again, it’s time to watch the evening show. One of the highlights of any day at a Disney park is undoubtedly the amazing combination of music, projections, lights and, best of all, FIREWORKS!

Illuminations show

We all love the colors they bring to the dark Parisian skies, but have you ever wondered: where are they launched? Do they have to add new shells every day? How does Disney do it every day? We are here to grant you three wishes and answer these three questions.


Where do the fireworks get prepared?

Lets start at the beginning of the process. Disney prepares the fireworks in a small facility just behind the Fantasyland Station and Meet Mickey Mouse.


Do they need to add new shells every day?

Shells is the term for the actual fireworks. The answer is YES. The pyrotechnics team has to add new fireworks every day after making sure all the spent shells have been ignited. We do not know when they replace the shells, but we suspect it’s at night.

Firework Shells

Where do the fireworks launch?

The big question… the fireworks will be set off right behind the castle, on the rooftops of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Sir Mickey’s Boutique.


As you can see, they get launched from these elevated platforms. The pyrotechnicians climb onto go the roof and prepare everything so that you, after the tiring day, can enjoy those last moments before tomorrow comes.

Have you ever questioned yourself this?

As always, That’s a Wrap!


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