Let’s breakdown Genie+ at WDW – Prices, attractions and more.

As you may have heard, Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort will be introducing a new system to replace FASTPASS and make your stay easier. This new system, Genie+, will be integrated into the WDW mobile app and will not only allow you to reserve Fastpasses (now called Lightening Lane or LL), but will also give you tips to help you travel on your adventure. But save money already, because Genie+ will cost $15 per person per day.

Interests, Personalized recommendations, and more

As I mentioned earlier, Genie (the free version, not Genie+) lets you enter your favorites for attractions, restaurants, and entertainment. And interests like Pixar, Marvel, or Star Wars. It then gives you personalized recommendations that take into account wait times and your interests. It also predicts wait times for each attraction.

Lightning Lane (or FASTPASS)

You can select an arrival window for one trip at a time. For example: you choose a LL for Big Thunder Mountain from 11:00pm to 11:30pm, and when it expires, you can reserve a new one. There are also some rides that require you to purchase a LL ticket (even with Genie+).

Individual Lightening Lane and Genie+ included rides

When will it launch?

Genie and Genie+ will launch at WDW on October 19th!

Are you still confused? Let us know in the tweet so that we can help you out!

That’s a Wrap!


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