How well did Disney Parks around the world perform in 2020?

As you know, in 2020 everyone had to stay home for quite a while. That year, all the Disney resorts were closed. Some stayed closed longer than others, but it’s obvious that every Disney Resort lost a large chunk of annual attendance.

Now we can see how much of those attendance numbers were actually lost at each resort, thanks to the 2020 TEA /AECOM Theme Index. In this index, we can compare both 2019 and 2020.

Top 25 theme park with the most attendance worldwide

Walt Disney World

Combining all the four parks Walt Disney World had, in 2020, roughly 40 million less visits than in 2019. This is a 68% drop.

Disneyland Paris

Combining the two parks Disneyland Paris had, in 2020, roughly 10 million less visits than in 2019. This is a 73% drop.

What do you think these numbers mean to the future of the Resorts?


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