How-To: Make Dining Reservations at Disneyland Paris

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So, to start let’s break down what is the dining reservation system. There are several restaurants in the Disneyland Paris resort that require reservation in order to dine, these are:

Bistrot Chez Rémi

The Restaurants

Auberge de Cendrillon, Bistrot Chez Rémi, Cape Cod, Captain Jack’s, Plaza Gardens, Chack Wagon, Crockett’s Tavern, Downtown Restaurant, Hunter’s Grill and Beaver Creek Tavern, La Cantina, La Grange at Billy Bob’s, Manhattan Restaurant, Pym Kitchen, Agrabah Café, Silver Spur Steakhouse, The Steakhouse, Walt’s and Yacht Club. 

Some of these have a lot more demand than others so you might be able to enter without reservation as they might be taking walk-ons. The ones with the most demand are, normally, Plaza Gardens, at the end of Main Street, Walt’s in plain Main Street, Pym Kitchen in Avengers Campus, Silver Spur in Frontierland, Agrabah Café, at the entrance of Adventureland, Captain Jack’s, in Pirates of the Caribbean and Bistrot Chez Rémi. 

If you’re travelling with little ones (or not) and wish to have a dining experience with Disney Characters, you might want to check out Character Dining at Plaza Gardens Restaurant or Auberge de Cendrillon, to meet various Disney Princesses and Princes. 

Plaza Gardens


Now, how can you make a reservation and how soon? Well, you can start planning your table bookings early on because these can be made within 2 months before arrival but if you’re staying in a Disney Hotel this can be made as soon as 12 months before you arrive! If there’s a table booking restaurant that you really don’t want to miss, I highly recommend you do it as soon as possible.

Now, onto making the reservations. There are 4 ways these can be made: The most common and the one we recommend is through the official Disneyland app (step by step in a minute). You can also do it through the reception desk at your Disney Hotel, upon your arrival; at the Restaurant directly; or by calling this number (+33 1 60 30 40 50). 

Agrabah Restaurant

To reserve through the app you will need to: click on “food”; “See all” Table Booking Restaurants; Select the date, number of guests and time; this will give you all the available restaurants that have your selection available, after choosing the time and restaurant you will need to provide your email address and phone number; make sure to click on special requests if you have any or you want to use your meal plan; After this you can confirm and you’re all set!

To see your dining reservations you can go to “account” and “My table bookings”, in here you can modify or cancel them. Please make sure to to cancel if you can’t or don’t plan to go as it will open up seats for someone else. To cancel just click on the little “delete” button on the top and confirm. 


Now that you know how all of this works, it’s time for a little tip! I recommend that you, in the day, keep on checking if any spots appear in the app because it’s almost guaranteed that they will, you just need to check if they do!

If you have any questions make sure to comment in the YouTube video and I will try my best to help you! And now, as always, That’s a Wrap!


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