Universal Studios Europe (Paris) – The resort that never was, but still can be.

In this article join us as we explore what could have been Universal Studios Europe, just outside of Paris!

Make sure to check our YouTube video for a more detailed look on this never built resort!


Universal Parks and Resorts has parks all over the world. These resorts are: Universal Studios Hollywood, Universal Orlando Resort, Universal Studios Japan, Universal Beijing Resort, and Universal Studios Singapore. They, just like Disney, are everywhere. But unlike Disney, Universal does not have a presence in Europe. But that was not always Universal’s plans…

The plan was simple: build a theme park resort to compete with Disney in Europe. Disney had just announced a multi-billion investment in a resort in Marne-la-Vallée, a small town just outside Paris, and expected big numbers in return. In 1990, with plans already in full swing on the Disney front, Universal also wanted a piece of the pie and began searching for vacant land across Europe. They landed in Melun-Sénart, a village just 30 minutes from Marne-la-Vallée.

Disneyland Paris, Orly Airport and “Universal Resort”

Now with the location chosen they could start imagining what to build on it.

Universal Studios Europe: 1 Theme Park, 1 Water Park, 7 Themed Hotels, a Amphitheater, a Mall, Sports Complex, Golf Facility, Offices, Housing, 2 Huge Expansion Lots and so much more.

Complete Overhead Plan

What Happened?

Long story short: Disneyland Paris. The initial failure of the EuroDisney Resort had a major impact on the Disney Company and beyond. With declining numbers, hotels closing due to lack of guests, and millions in annual losses, things were not looking good for EuroDisney, and what Universal chose not to do was a billion dollar mistake.

Euro Disney logo 1992

The Future?

With the opening of Universal Beijing Resort, the expansions of Universal Studios Japan and the future Epic Universe park in Orlando, Universal is investing more than ever in its theme parks. They may also be looking at expanding into Europe. After a review, the original property is still available and plans could easily be updated to start smaller and build on it.

Current State of the lot

Thank you for joining us today to see what could have been one of the biggest theme park resorts in Europe! That’s a Wrap!

I’d like to thank DLPWelcome for the help provided.


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