What happened to Disneyland Paris’ Pizza Planet Restaurant?

Remember the Buzz Lightyear restaurant in the back of Discoveryland? If not, that’s fine, if you do, you have probably wondered what happened to it! Well, as you can see from the pictures, the theming was something that never made it into the restaurant and many people were not happy with it.

Today the restaurant is a little less than what used to be as we can see in the picture taken from Google Earth.


It was rumoured a few years ago that the building might become a Star Wars “cantina” to create a mini Star Wars area, but that was long before the real Star Wars Lands in California and Florida were completed.

If Disneyland Paris does want to have a Toy Story themed restaurant, the perfect location would be Toy Story Playground. This location would make sense due to the weak food offerings at Walt Disney Studios.

Another question remains. Will Disneyland Paris use the space created by the demolition of the old restaurant for a new attraction or restaurant? That’s unknown at the moment, but a small update to the Disneyland park would be something that would be welcomed by fans.

Thanks to DLPGuide for the photos.


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