New concept art, Opening date and more for Disney World’s Galactic StarCruiser have been released!

Concept art officially released to the public by Disney.

The brand new Star Wars hotel/experience will really make you feel like you’re inside a Star Wars movie. We now know that the first intergalactic voyage will departure on March 1, 2022. Thanks to @GangSequoia at Twitter we are able to explore some new concept art.

In these first images we can see a cutaway view of the Halcyon (In-story name of the ship) and a 3D model of the starcruiser overlayed with the floor plan (The actual footprint of the hotel with separate rooms).

The Sublight Lounge

This is a concept art for “The Sublight Lounge”. This is a place where guests can quietly enjoy a cocktail during their game of Holo-Sabacc or a less quiet team up adventure with smugglers!

Room hallway

In these two photos we are able to see how the hallways will look like and have a first look at some of the (fancy I might add) tableware.

Interior of the rooms

With this picture we have the first look of the entire rooms. This shows a plan and interior elevations of the rooms. Each box is a different angle. If we analyse the image we’re able to see: one suite with a (possible) queen bed, a bunk bed, a window with outer space as a view and a bathroom.

Bridge Console
Images for console

In these last pictures we also get a first look at an interactive Bridge Console and its display images. Guests will be able to “control” some aspects of the Starcruiser such as: shooting, access damage control and others.

Ending with a bang we have the last couple of concept art. These ones were designed by Ryan Church, who also worked on Star Wars episodes 2, 3, 7, 9, mandalorian and more. “like a yacht we needed our finishes to feel lightweight and synthetic”

The concept art and information was kindly released by @GangSequoia on Twitter.

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