When will Arendelle: World of Frozen open in Disneyland Paris?

If you’re interested, make sure to check our video on the latest updates, construction and rumours about Walt Disney Studios Park!


The Walt Disney Studios park in paris is undergoing a big expansion. In this article we will be focusing on the new “Frozen Land” and a possible opening timeframe.

The current expansion consists of the Promenade, with gardens and a new Tangled themed Tea-Cup style ride, the Lake, where new shows will be displayed and a huge 250 seat restaurant will take shape, and the Frozen land, with a restaurant, meet & greet location and the main ride.

Promenade with gardens and Tangled

So, for the opening date, when can we expect this new Frozen, lake and promenade areas to open? Before the pandemic the lake and frozen were supposed to open in 2022 and Star Wars in 2023/24. This is obviously not going to happen as construction was halted for quite some time and didn’t return to full strength until some months ago with the end of the works in Avengers Campus. So, when? Disney hasn’t said anything about this but we can try to understand…

Hong Kong’s version

Hong Kong Disneyland is also building a new Frozen land and this is what that version looked like in July 2020, and it will be opening in the second half of 2023, let’s say September…

So this makes it 26 months from that stage to opening.


Going back to Paris, as you can see, here construction is still to reach that point. There have been some really good progress in the last few months which is refreshing to see.

Walt Disney Studios as seen from the air

Either way, we might need to add 2 more months to the Hong Kong’s 26, since there’s some work to be done before reaching that point, leaving us with 28 months or about two and a half years from now, giving us an opening date of Early 2025.

But there are several factors that I didn’t have in consideration such as Hong Kong’s limited work force due to covid, this could mean that if Disney really invests in getting this ready, which fortunately might be the case, we could see Arendelle opening in time for the 2024 summer Olympics that will take place in Paris. But to play it safe, I would say between Late 2024 and Early 2025.

Possible opening timeframe

Let’s not forget that the Paris expansion is also much bigger and not just the Arendelle portion but, as I said earlier, if Disney goes all in, we could see this land opening sooner than my projected opening…

Imagineering in Paris

So, what are excited for Arendelle: the World of Frozen coming to Walt Disney Studios? And now, as always, That’s a Wrap!

Photo credits:

Luuwaku: https://twitter.com/CertifiedBlep

BlogMickey: https://twitter.com/Blog_Mickey


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