*Rumours* Avengers Campus should open by this date!

Avengers Campus is the most hyped addiction for Disneyland Paris coming this year and Disney still hasn’t announced the opening date. All we got from Disney is that the opening will be during summer.

Disney should announce the opening date during the 30th anniversary day, which is April 12th. There will be an event with the original EuroDisneyland imagineers, we’re not expecting them to release it during the event but anything is possible.


So when will it open?

First of all, these are rumours and nothing more. You should not make a reservation of any kind before the official announcement.

That said, Avengers Campus is expected to open on June 25th. It’s still unknown if there will be any kind of soft-opening so it could be a little longer than that to be able to roam free inside the land.

Are you excited for the future of the Walt Disney Studios Park?

As always, That’s a Wrap!

Thank you to our partner, DLPGuestEN for the info!


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