Keeping up with Avengers Campus and other construction projects at Disneyland Paris!

As you know, there are a lot of projects going on at Disneyland Paris right now. Let us start with the biggest one, which is the expansion of Walt Disney Studios Park.

Avengers Campus

Yesterday we saw that trees have been being installed, today some of the trees have already been planted.


Here you can see the trees being installed:

The Spider-Man Stuntronic launching platform is to be installed but the crane that will be used for this ‘show’ has been added to the building!

And to top all of that, the first red panel (which will further theme the facade of the Spider-Man attraction) has been installed!

Most of the work at the moment is happening inside the buildings and because of that there’s not a lot of changes in the outside.


Lake and Frozen expansion areas

The ground work continues as we’re yet to go vertical on these expansion projects.


The castle has been being renovated for a while now but its soon going to be complete!

That’s it for today! Thanks to our partner CaveOfWonders, to DLPicsou, to InsideDLPCastle and DLPReport.

As always, That’s a Wrap!


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