*Semi-Exclusive* Avengers Campus won’t be ready for the 30th anniversary!

This week (9/18/2021), the Disneyland Paris Board of Directors met to discuss various aspects of the parks, including entertainment (parades and shows), festivities (Halloween and Christmas), and most importantly, the 30th anniversary of Disneyland Paris.

Iron Man Coaster Art

Unfortunately, we have some not so great rumours today. One of our partners, is getting information from a lot of people and as he has reported, several informants have said that the Avengers campus will not be ready in March, the month the celebration begins. It should be ready to open during the beginning of summer 2022.


I would like to remind you that these are only rumours and that there are still a few months to go, so a lot can happen.

Current state of Avengers Campus

The question that remains is: when will they announce all the details for the festivities? We think it will be a while before Disney announces all the details for the festivities, possibly not until Christmas or even later…

But hey! This week wasn’t just bad news! Disney announced the return of Parades, Illuminations and a lot more!


As always, That’s a Wrap!


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