The Little Mermaid attraction that was announced, but never built. (Disneyland Paris)

“The Grand Opening of EuroDisney” was the name of the show about (you guessed it) the opening of Disneyland Paris. This TV special contained a lot of information about future attractions and expansions to the resort. One of those attractions was The Little Mermaid Attraction.


The attraction was to be located between DiscoveryLand and Fantasyland, and the entrance was to be similar to the attraction in Orlando. The attraction itself was to have many audio animatronics, props, and hand painted backgrounds.

The ride vehicle would have been very similar to Peter Pan’s Flight with guests finding themselves inside a shell. The biggest part of the attraction was the encounter with a giant, 4.5 meter tall Ursula, who turned into a skull with the help of black lights after being defeated by Eric.


The design was completely finished, but due to budget cuts it was never realised. Here you can find concept drawings made by artists for the attraction.

Thanks to DiscoveryArcade for the information.

That’s a Wrap!


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